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A birthday is something you’ve got to make memorable, especially if we are speaking about SFL’s 10 year anniversary! Yeah, it’s been a decade of hard work, defeats and victories, but most importantly- invaluable experience!

Now, of course such an occasion is something to be celebrated with all due greatness, but there’s still the question- how?

Let’s look at two of our past celebrations for a hint!


So, here we are! 2014 was marked with the first quest being held by an Armenian company, and we did it just in time to celebrate SFL’s 8th anniversary!

SFLians  were divided into several teams, and each of them had an assignment to find the “treasure” hidden somewhere in the city.


SFL Quest 2014

Each team received an initial hint that led them to another hint, which in the end had to lead the way towards the hidden treasures! Now imagine the team going the wrong way and entering a simple shop to find the hints! Can you imagine the amazement of everyone around?

SFL Quest 2014


2015 was a year of active rest! We hit it off to Sevan in late July to celebrate SFL’s 9 year anniversary! This time around we had booked Port Ayas Club for both our team members and their families! What can be better that sunny weather and the golden beach matched with a group of fun people?

We had also planned some of the coolest games for team building!

Sevan 2015


Fast forward to 2016 and we are now getting ready for SFL’s 10th anniversary! This is probably one of the greatest events in SFL’s history. The company “ship” has been sailing in the open ocean of opportunities, experience, ascending and descending for a whole decade!

Now, what can be a proper way to celebrate this important event?  Let’s wait and see! SFL’s 10th anniversary is going to be celebrated on July 9 and 10! The countdown is started, so tune in soon enough to share some of the best moments with us!


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