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Bringing in innovation and brainstorming new ideas are two activities which always pay back: and this is exactly what we’ve been up to here at SFL last week, while hosting a workshop organized by Artur Khalatyan, professor of Design and Innovation of Information Services with AUA College of Engineering and Science Masters Students.

The idea behind the workshop was collaborating on real-time issues found in several companies and working out ways of successfully solving these issues. And we did enjoy the initiative, asking some of the brightest SFLians to hold thematic presentations that would help the students better understand and visualize ideas.

There were three main presentations held, touching upon the topics of design workflow, QA workflow and product management, the way all integral parts of one single project are interconnected and how to make them more efficient.

product management workshop

We shared practical knowledge that has been gained through a long and turbulent journey of ups and downs, leading us to singling out the most efficient ways of working on projects.

product management workshop

Our product owners went through the basics of product management and discussed topics like creating the product backlog, roadmapping, working on user stories, developing the product idea and streamlining processes to make the best out of time and resources.

product management workshop

After the presentations AUA students were divided into 3 groups of seven and assigned to work on actual business issues for 1.5 hours. At the end of the day, each group was given presentation time to introduce their MVP with subsequent question and answer time and feedback from product owners. 

product management workshop

At the end of the day Artur Khalatyan showed the students this video with one of world famous pianist and rare Franz Liszt performer Valentina Lisitsa’s impressive works.


The students were then asked to explain the most compelling reasons behind the success of world class performers. And the students walked through the idea that each individual should find the work they have the most passion for and go restlessly in that direction. This gives meaning to everything they do in life, and makes way for great initiatives. 

This has been the second time SFL hosted AUA students, and we are looking to many more collaborations ahead.

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