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Yesterday was a fun day @ as we hosted the future talents of IT together with their parents, to highlight the most important aspects of working in a technology team.

MIC students at SFL

Our “young visitors” were the participants of the summer school organized by MIC Armenia for students aged 10-14. During the program, the participants were taught to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and got some practical data that would help them determine whether they can be the next “it” girl or boy for the industry.


As coding skills were acquired, the students got a chance to visit some of the leading Armenian IT companies to see how IT transformed the world on the example of real projects. We @SFL were more than happy to host the young talent of Armenia and share our passion for our work and success with them!


Showing around

We wanted to keep it fun and illustrative for the children, so we proceeded to introduce different aspects of our work such as the projects, roles within the team, main technologies we use, benefits and the office culture.

Anna introducing the Greetz project, an online marketplace offering configurable gift cards, flowers and other gifts delivered to the doormats of thousands of people.


Greetz project

Tigran introducing the iBank project, Inecobank’s online banking, mobile banking, loan in place and other solutions.


Noemi introducing the Bayazaet project, Armenia’s high security border check and visa issuance system.


Ani speaking about our most colorful project, Colorflare, a creative freelancing art platform for digital artists.


Company Culture and Team Roles

Besides showing the students around SFL’s main projects, we wanted to sow the seeds of perception of company roles and what a healthy company culture is. We had a chance to speak about working in a team, team roles and the principles of keeping company culture sky high.





Some Q&A Time

We loved to see MIC summer school students curious, and we loved their awesome questions even more. It’s cool to know the future of IT in Armenia is so bright!



It was an awesome experience for us and we hope it was as awesome for MIC summer school students and their parents. Let’s look forward to future encounters with these awesome rising talent!

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