Some stats to dispel any doubts

Customers base growth by 50% within the last year.

110 paying customers from 5 continents.

20% conversion rate which means each 5th trial account becomes a paying user!

30+ microservices (61% growth in a year)

40+ Docker containers

5+ different types of databases and message queues

The Sales Target challenge

Our main challenge was to end up the holy war between sales and marketing departments, where no accountability and measurability was possible, which was making the life and decision making process way harder for CEOs. We saw the remedy in technology and took up the challenge to create an application that would cover the needs of all the parties (CEOs, marketers and sales employees)… For CEOs it had to be easy to monitor, track and manage the whole sales cycle within a single interface. Marketers had to be able to easily qualify suspects and schedule appointments for sales employees. Sales employees at the meantime had to receive qualified leads and be able to close the deals and report results.

We are aiming at making sales processes smart again.

Actually, first time in the history

Basically, we are helping companies to answer 3 main questions:

Which customers do they need?

Smart algorithms are able to propose potential customers for the company based on the track history of customers, as well as estimate potential revenues from each deal.

How many customers do they need?

Each company has a revenue goal that they aim to achieve, but not all know how many companies at each stage of the sales funnel they need to achieve that goal. We exactly know how many.

Where to get new customers?

Our official 2.2 million B2B database for Netherlands is at the disposal of our customers where they can easily filter and add companies that match their target audience and are necessary to achieve their revenue goals.

The Sales Target challenge

There always was some uncertainty about sales processes, and we are here to change it. Based on a smart scoring mechanism, we are able to predict the outcome of almost every deal you are going to have.

Integration with most advanced lead generation services.

We always strive to integrate with technologies that will make us even more efficient. LeadBoxer, an online visitor identification and behavior tracking tool for sales & lead generation is a great example of it.

Evolution from Call Monkey to Sales Target

2017 was a game changer for Call Monkey, along with the huge growth that we had the company figured out more potential in another market segment and decided to become more of a solution for marketers, rather than a software for outbound call centers.

Recent Development

Final migration from .NET to Java

Call recordings

General API publishing

Integration with LeadBoxer

VoIP telephony implementation

New addresses grid

Address Selector


Initially, we started the development using .Net for Backend, ExtJS for Frontend and MS SQL as a database.
Later, as the project expanded, there was a growing need for better error handling, more robust functionality and higher security.

For all these reasons we took the decision to make a transition to Java. In 2015, we started the development while supporting the system on .Net simultaneously. The shift to Java ensured the demands in terms of functionality and security, and made ground for the flaw of expansion of the project to be smooth.

Today, our team implements the following technologies in the SalesTarget project:


The Sales Funnel

SalesTarget can be used at any segment of the sales funnel:


any user/company who can be your potential customer


a contact that has been reached to with any means like calls, surfing the website or filling in a particular form.

Qualified prospect

a prospect that has been reached out to by a representative of Sales target


a contact transferred to the sales department

Qualified Lead

A lead that the sales team has worked with


A lead that makes a purchasing decision/a lead that decides not to proceed