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We’re in for some travel time here at . This morning two SFLians are packed to travel to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on a technology nerd’s “dream” trip. Why? Because what can be better than mixing the travelling with solving some really complicated technology tasks?


PDF Workflow release

The PDF workflow release is aimed at improving quality of print production, its speed and ensuring less dependency on proprietary formats. Because this part of the project is comparably large and connected with physical facilities, having the release on the spot is a better idea.


Remote teams being close

It’s one of the IT industry’s most common yet most challenging experiences: working with a remote team. During 10 years of cooperation with Greetz we have learnt that what hinders remote teamwork is the wrong understanding of the concept of remote teams.

PDF workflow release

As long as there are two separate groups of people operating, success is far from reachable. What we did for success with Greetz is blend into the Greetz team, working at projects as one team with one set of general goals. As part of this process, there’s frequent travel between the two locations to get a grasp of processes on the spot and for a more profound understanding of Greetz business needs.

Greetz Exchange

Greetz “Exchange” Program

This is the fifth time SFLians are travelling to Amsterdam for a so called “exchange program” with Greetz. Let’s wish Ruben and Mher to ace that part of the project. And as the guys are on their way to take the flight, we’re starting to get ready for the next exchange planned for late October!

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