The Main Unconference of 2017: BarCamp - SFL

Spring is still in the air, and so is one of the major events for Armenia’s tech geeks this year! It’s time to get all fueled up for the 9th BarCamp Yerevan event, which has become one of the most anticipated non-conferences for tech people.

#barcampevn will take place on the last weekend of May, giving tech people, designers, marketing professionals, journalists and online publishers 2 days for sharing knowledge, catching up on the hottest topics in tech, networking and enjoying the awesome diversity of the world of advanced technologies.

Some background

The first ever BarCamp event was held in California’s Silicon Valley in 2005 and later became a popular event around the world. Organizers call BarCamp an “unconference” for its informal character. The first BarCamp in the post-Soviet space was held in Kiev in 2007 and gathered around 300 participants from Ukraine, Belarus, , Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and other countries.

Next was the 2008 February Barcamp event in Riga, followed by another gathering in the scope of the Barcamp Caucasus event in Tbilisi in June 2008. The first BarCamp in Yerevan was held in April 2009.  Since then, this event has grown immensely in popularity, bringing together more than 2000 professionals last year.

SFL’s participation

We at SFL couldn’t miss the opportunity of helping bring this “tech holiday” to the community of Armenian professionals, so this year again we are one of the sponsors of the event.

It is anticipated that the event is going to bring together around 2500 professionals from all walks of tech life, and more people are going to join via 6 simultaneous live broadcasts on Google Hangouts. So, if you can’t make it for any reason, no worries! You can still enjoy this awesome event!


SFL’s speakers

This year #teamSFL is going to introduce the following topics:

May 27, 11.00: Juju, horizontal scalable infrastructure

Speaker: Vardges Stepanyan

May 27, 12.00: Project Management Trends

Speaker: Anna Hovakimyan

May 27, 13.00: PWAs: The Web’s answer to native apps

Speaker: Gagik Arustamyan

May 27, 13.00: Rust for the impatient

Speaker: Arthur Asatryan

May 27, 15.00: 3D graphics on the web with WebGL

Speaker: Nairi Narinyan

May 27, 17.00: Reactive programming for java developers

Speaker: Hayk Mkrtchyan

May 28: 10.30 Testing for complete beginners

Speakers: Arthur Asatryan

May 28, 13.00: A PM’s guide to designing products for success

Speaker: Diana Melkumyan

May 28, 14.00: Peer-to-peer video and file sharing on the web

Speaker: Hovhannes Gasparyan

 May 28, 15.30: Product Marketing: All you need to succeed

Speaker: Gevorg Kazaryan

May 28, 17.00: Shenandoah GC: A newbie beast to Java world

Speaker: Ruben Dilanyan


There’a a variety of other topics by tech enthusiasts from other Armenian companies, as well as a number of talks by foreign guests. Tune in and let’s make this year BarCamp rock all the way!


Armine Hakobyan is a technology-oriented content specialist and social media geek.

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