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The past two weeks have been marked with yet another exchange program with our partner Greetz!

This time, we had the honor to host Tessie de Ponti and Bas Horsting from the Greetz Editor team. Let’s see what they had to say about the experience.

How did you feel about being part of an exchange program with SFL?


I have been part of Greetz since 2008 and I had a very good idea of our collaboration with SFL. Teams from SFL are frequent visitors to Greetz and I had a very clear understanding of their dedication and talents. Even so, the news that I was going to travel to Armenia to meet the new Editor team was very exciting. After years of collaboration, I would have the opportunity to add that personal touch to our communication, something that mattered a lot.


I started my career at Greetz in January, and as soon as I learnt of the cooperation with SFL, I immediately suggested we should go and meet the members of the SFL team on our own to make the collaboration more efficient and to get to know every team member, their strengths and weaknesses and the way they could benefit the team with their skills.

I have always believed that whenever you start a new team, you should go there and meet them to add more connection, brainstorm together and refine the best ideas for your future as a team.

Did it go the way you had projected it would?


I can’t even start to describe how efficient this program is: face-to-face communication enables the team to brainstorm together, share ideas and take the “high gear” towards the future.


I understand why exchange programs between Greetz and SFL have become a good tradition: you can never get to feel the human energy on Skype the way it is in real communication, look the team members in the eye, grasp the dynamics of the group and establish firm connections.

The first surprise was that I would come to Armenia to meet the team, but it was even a bigger surprise to evaluate the results of that trip.

How has the relationship with SFL changed throughout time?


As someone who’s been working with the team for many years, I can definitely say that the relationship between Greetz and SFL has matured a lot. SFL isn’t that ordinary outsourced workforce: the team takes lots of initiative as part of Greetz and doesn’t take the “submissive” role just doing what they are told.

What about your time outside of the office?


We do really have a lot to learn from the culture here which is more relaxed and very hospitable. We had a blast with the team seeing the country and enjoying lots of fun time which contributed to more productive work and closer connection with the team members.


The hospitality of the team is just amazing, the time and the care the SFL team invested in us during these days is really something that impressed me a lot.

What are your plans after the exchange program?




I have lots of ideas! When we are back to Greetz, I want to streamline the way we work together, shaping the same goals and using the ideas I got from the visit to SFL.

The Editor team is quite new, but I studied psychology, so I plan on revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, concentrating on the balance in the team, its structure, the personal features of each of us individually and much more.


We are really positive about this experience and the outcomes. And we hope for our soon return to enjoy more time with the team here at SFL!


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