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This decade, the financial sector has seen in great upheaval. Never in the course of its history has the sector seen so much, so fast in such a short span of time. The shift has been tectonic, and Armenia is no exception: there is the need for the so called “Finnovation”.

The Fintegration Hackathon

This urge to create new waves in Armenian Fintech brought together 21 teams with over 100 participants to share some brainstorming time together in the scope of the Fintegration Hackathon.


And we just couldn’t miss on that one, as SFL has been laying heavy focus on the Fintech industry, offering solutions and services and refining skills in the sector.
During the 18-hour Hackathon the teams implemented Microsoft’s BlockChain, Cognitive Services, Cortana Analytics and Bot Framework technologies to create innovative solutions and introduce them to the coaches during pitching sessions.
The Botanix team, fueled by some profound knowledge and experience in the industry finished up third, winning in the “Truly Creative” nomination.


The aim of the team was creating a banking bot which would help users navigate through the complicated banking system, make suggestions and use some NLP while running successful Q&A sessions with the user.

Botanix’s Banking Bot

The bot introduced by the Botanix team can make transfers, open deposit accounts and automate a number of other tasks. Of course, an 18-hour hackathon is enough to cover just 1% of the whole idea. The most difficult thing is that the bot has to “learn” in order to process the data inputs. However, even with 18 hours of work the bot was able to analyze expenses, so giving it 3 months can result in the demo-ready version. It’s a hype when spending some time on creative ideas results in a product that is sure to find its demand both in Armenia and abroad.
We at SFL are looking forward to the next meetings and want to thank the organizers of the event, Microsoft Armenia and Dom-Daniel Armenia for bringing together so many creative individuals for the joy of creativity!

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