It all starts with that one idea


SFL is a software consulting company where we craft tech solutions that perform. Our approach is professional and proactive. We tailor your idea to the market, deliver the MLP, and start the most important part of our work: testing the product and collecting and analyzing feedback to improve it and cover your product requirements A-Z.


We start the route to your market-changing product from ideation- creating the right business strategy and business model together. We cover the main targets the product is aimed at and make sure it hits them once it hits the market.


After the ideation, roadmapping helps us plan the required features and define the timing for delivery. We know the market and its changing demand, and we deliver final products that have new trendy features!


We never call it a day when the development shapes the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). As intrapreneurs at heart, we take your product as our own business and main priority. We make sure to support your needs until we reach MLP (Minimum Likeable Product) and well beyond.

Moving things around…


As design enthusiasts, we create smart and effective solutions for your business. We make sure the final interface is clean, intuitive and extremely easy to use so that you can turn your users into fans of your product!

We don’t have in mind to what users want, but what they need.

User-centric design

As we work on planning the design solutions for the product, we pay extensive attention to the needs, wants, and limitations of the end users. This deep understanding of their expectations allows us to create a better experience of using our products for each user.


We work closely with Product owners to create the product wireframes, mockups and overall structure. These mockups are later tested to choose the best option for the product.

User testing

We evaluate the success of any product by offering our users to test it. We see it as an irreplaceable usability practice, since our users’ direct input shows how they feel about their experience with us. This allows us to make valuable changes that reflect our users’ needs.

Work tactics

Choosing the right project management process is one of the cornerstones of successful projects. However, we don’t rely on it as the sole pledge for project success. While the process is important, we play extra attention to the project requirements, the team and company culture to help the fixed process be more effective.
A process that puts you in the driver seat.

Setting off

To us, the project doesn’t start when the first line of code is written. We start our hard work from the moment our clients contact us to secure flawless communication while we offer different options to ensure their budget, timing and performance preferences are met.


Once the preferences are set, we choose the process. We approach each project individually, and adjust the process accordingly. While bigger projects run smoothly with Scrum, smaller projects are better off with Kanban or even traditional Waterfall. So, we tailor the process to project- specific features, the team, project duration and timing. The process connects product owners with development and creates the perfect balance between the requirements of the two.


We practice the principles of freedom and responsibility. Each of us has the freedom to schedule our work and make decisions without giving up on the commitment, so the work is fun and professional. And to refine the process, we practice peer feedback at the end of each cycle. The transparency of our processes and work ensures accountability to our clients, who always feel part of the team.

Making things smart is our starting point


A successful project is never completed overnight. Your idea may be just cool, but shaping it into a product that users will love takes a bit more. Well, a huge bit!  First you have to make a smart choice of technology, then craft the most suitable implementation techniques and go on with exceptional post-production support.

Now, it’s only possible to go wise about these choices if one knows the market and the end user’s needs. At SFL, we’ve mastered both!

A process that puts you in the driver seat.

Technology Selection

Now that we have your idea at hand, it’s time for choosing the right technology out of a huge pool of options. And our team here @SFL unites technology nerds who know the advantages and constraints of each solution, be it a project in big data, mobile, cross-platform development, cloud integration or whatever comes to your mind. Want yet another advantage? We’ll save you from  that awkward feeling of being pushed about deadlines, finances or other constraints.

We’ll suggest the most suitable choices of user platforms, architecture (scalable microservices based application), development platforms (.Net, Java) and hosting (AWS, Azure),  in accord with a timeframe and planned budget, leading the process all the way from scratch to post production support.


Who likes bugs? Even in the coolest project their presence can be anything from challenging to disastrous. We don’t want bugs to be your product’s frequent companions, so here @SFL we use TDD techniques to continuously monitor quality for every single functionality of the product. And while it’s great to rely on automated tools, our experts are there to perform code reviews and eliminate code quality issues where automated tools cannot detect the issue.

We’d hate to see a client disappointed, so what we do is tackle the performance aspect from the very beginning to introduce features that operate flawlessly during every development cycle.

And one more thing that we want you to know: geeks are lazy! So they’ll optimize and simplify the process allowing to concentrate on adding actual business value.


As the platform is ready for production, we still have lots of hard work ahead!

We monitor the platform continuously to detect and avoid incidents like user and environment errors. While the platform is uptime, SLA makes sure incident resolving takes place immediately if issues ever arise. This ensures maximal scalability and insight into possible business challenges.

The use of full stack monitoring (New Relic, App Dynamics, ELK stack) helps us understand the behavior of the platform and get to see the issues before the users do so.

Business intelligence, along with user behavior analytics help to have maximal info about the users, analyze large amounts of data and tune it to user behavior.

When hard work pays off


Congratulations! We’ve just released the product! Time to wrap up work and relax, right? Wrong!
The release and the launch mark just the beginning of our continuous journey to measure, analyze and optimize the product! And our transparent processes will help clients follow this journey and get involved as they witness the product improve and make a change in the world!

This is where the magic happens


At SFL, we put a lot of effort in creating an awesome working environment that has all the conditions for talent to grow. Our tech geeks have all the tools they need to work and experiment with new technologies. We encourage proactivity in each and every member of our team – be it a suggestion on improving our client’s product or a new idea to rock the market. This way all the ends – engineering, tooling, process and communication bring to exceptional results.