The software agency
that doesn’t work for you

As a new project passes through the phase of ideation in your head, you need a team that will handle it as their own. We don’t work for you, counting the standard 9-5 and wishing to get out! We treat the projects we take up as our own, working with you and topping it all with profound understanding of your identity as a company, the direction you head in and the solution you want to achieve!

We’re the upgrade to your team

Talented teams are different in many aspects, but they all share one thing in common- they strive to add value. We take it as a point of departure as we sail off together into the wide ocean of ideas and opportunities ahead as one team rather than 2 different teams. We bring expertise and new ideas to the table as we become an extension of your team and work together on creating your next success story.

Our definition of done

It takes a lot of variety in what “done” means. The lengths to go are even further if it comes to “nearly done”. We avoid any ambiguity, and consider the project done when the final product makes the difference to the world that you had in mind for it.

The last 10% of any IT-project get’s us started

The last 10% of any project is usually problematic and it can make or break a project's success and the joy the team’s experience looking back at it. But for us, it’s a challenge we are looking forward to. As the work on your project rolls to its end, we are fueled to test every aspect of performance and blow life into your dream, exceeding your expectations.