How do you support a business that revolutionizes old-fashioned business models and markets like printed greeting cards and flowers? Which tools and solutions can we put in place for online customers to express themselves better than ever, but easier than ever at the same time? We know exactly how.

Software approach

The software approach for the Greetz project had to revolve around presence on different platforms, availability, uptime and minimal transaction time.

Back in 2006, SFL was able to suggest and re-build the Greetz platform from scratch. The choices made then still allow the business to grow at surging rates today.

Biggest win according to Greetz

Ranked in the top 5 of fastest growing e-commerce companies in The Netherlands and winning consumer award after consumer award, Greetz found in SFL a business partner strong enough to keep up with the high pace and relentless expectation levels of company stakeholders, customers and even investors. However, commitment and high work-ethic standards are the biggest win up till now.

For an average of 100,000 customers a day, this is the starting point to select, create and order their personalised gift and/or greeting card.

As one of the world’s most advanced platform in the online gift and greeting market,
Greetz enables consumers and businesses to express their creative and attentive side.
All online created surprises are delivered at the “offline” doorstep of a happy receiver.

Core of the Greetz application is still the greeting card editor. A great challenge to allow customers to create their unique personalised greeting card online on screen and build the technology to get the best, razor sharp printing results in print production. A system that handles and keeps track of hundres of thousands of cards daily.

The switch from desktop to any mobile device is real. So is the application developed with Greetz, where adaptive versions with groundbreaking performance service any customer, anywhere, any time on any device. We took “Mobile First” to the next level: “Experience First”.

Where personalisation on mobile devices and the right technology create the opportunity to express yourself in new ways.

Behind all this is a system that connects user input with backend software that runs complex fulfillment processes, making sure the right message is merged with the right gift, shipped on time to the right person.

At the heart of Greetz…


The choice of technologies is based on following the principles for maintaining uptime and availability at all times. The SFL team also implements a number of techniques to help convert backend architecture to Microservices architecture.

The two main directions of work include streamlining the warehousing processes with insertion of technologies for printing, storing and logistics of Greetz products as well as introducing Business Intelligence (BI) for quicker data processing across the Greetz platform.

We offer easier and more intuitive experience for each user through frontend development and UX design, as well as expansion through backend development, modernization of microservices and better data processing.

Embracing the shift to mobile

Today the most addictive relationships are those with your smartphone! Knowing this, we used the expertise of the SFL team to put that touch of web into mobile with admirable designs that take you to the top of all industry levels.

While building Greetz Mobile apps we emphasized the fact that people use Greetz’s editor-on-the-go and built solutions with exceptional user-experience. This design for the “big thinker” allows each user to create exceptional custom designs quickly and from any location

Blueprint for expansion

With availability on all possible devices and no down-time in at least 3 years, the current platform gives an impressive responsiveness and performance. Choosing the right technology does make a difference. For Greetz, the choices we made were the right ones and we will profit from them for a long time to come.


We celebrate
success together


It might seem far-fetched at first – literally – working with a remote team. But at Greetz, all of this became second nature very quickly and today the teams operate on a uniquely integrated level. Knowledge is shared, responsibilities are distributed among the 5+ active teams, the best innovative ideas were only brought to life after the multi-disciplinary teams wrapped their heads around them together. Ideas that brought great success. Nothing feels better than to celebrate this success together. Last week a Greetz P.O. ordered a beer tasting experience for the Fulfillment team in Yerevan. Through Skype we toast – oh we love the taste of success!


All of this is supported by our working method: Scrum. The scrum method puts all teams and their members directly in control of the work at hand, showing direct responsibility in 2-weekly sprints. Business owners are in control as they can steer the priorities per sprint – an agile work process is the result. Teams meet on a daily basis, to groom, estimate, plan, give a heads-up, demo and retrospect. This working relationship enriched the productivity and efficiency not only in SFL but in Greetz as well. Cooperation lays strong in our values.



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