Bayazet project is targeted mainly at ensuring higher security at the borders of the RA.

Two other important objectives of the project are simplifying the processes of administrative registration and increasing accountability.
One of Bayazet’s recent achievements is the significant reduction of registration time which allows to reduce the occurrence of queues.

The Impact

Bayazet is a very critical program, as any mistake can lead to inevitable results. This is why our dedicated team works on all aspects of performance to reduce the number of issues to a minimum and eliminate rare performance issues early on.

Recent Development

SFL team has been working on the support and development of the system for 5 years. Our latest achievement is the introduction of e-visa system that eliminates the need of receiving one at the border.
Bayazet is an ever-growing project with changing features and requirements that are also affected by the changes in the current legislation. It has to be change-sensitive and react quickly to the events that take place in the world.


Bayazet is a very complicated project technologically and it requires a large number of complex algorithmic solutions. The requirements from the perspective of availability, performance and reliability are also very high. The implementation of the Bayazet project on such a high level is something we consider a great achievement.



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